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Beth Kais, M.Ed., CSCS, DNSET, PRT  - Corrective Exercise Specialist
Experience the difference a medically oriented, evidence based approach to health and fitness can make!
Beth uses her extensive fitness background and knowledge of anatomy to achieve one goal:
Personal trainers are not all created equally. 
The trainer at your gym is focused on one thing - creating repeat business.  The typical gym-based personal trainer does not have a detailed understanding of anatomy and physiology, does not keep up with the latest developments in exercise or have specialized training.  A typical assessment at a gym will not include a determination of your range of motion, joint position and function.  And a typical exercise program developed at the gym will not include corrective exercises -- in fact, a program created at the gym could exacerbate your existing weaknesses or injury if the trainer who evaluates you does not correctly assess you.

Beginning with a full functional assessment of your current condition,  Beth will develop a tailored workout designed just for you. Through challenging and constantly varied workouts, you will achieve greater core stability, proper posture and alignment, increased strength and decreased body fat. Modalities of exercise will continually be updated to prevent your body from over training and reaching plateaus. This combined with an emphasis on proper form and technique will get you to achieve dramatic and long lasting results to enhance your sports and activities performance.
Beth is an exercise specialist in:
  • Alignment and core system function (Postural Restoration Trained
  • Learn about PRI Here at
  • Developmental patterns and intra-abdominal pressure for performance (Rehabilitation Prague School Exercise Trained)  
  • core strengthening (C.H.E.K.);
  • tissue and range of motion restoration (myofascial release, compression and PNF stretching - Freedom From Pain/Dalton)
  • performance strength and conditioning (NSCA-CSCS).
  • Extensive experience in severe injury recovery (ligament reconstruction, spinal disc herniation/fusion) to return to optimal sports performance.
See what a difference a well trained personal trainer can make.  Don't put it off - contact Beth today!

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